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Dear Gerty,


I hear you went on an Honors Program Global Seminar. How was it? I want to go on one but I have a few worries about what it entails and how I can make it work. What sort of things did you enjoy and what future opportunities are there?



Rose Zijel



My Dearest Rose,


I am so glad that word has been spreading of my most recent adventure to the Philippines! I would say it was one of my fondest memories. The group of students I went with were very charismatic and open to new things. We had a few close calls with a volcano exploding shortly after we departed the area and our van almost tipping over but that is part of the adventure! I usually give a good ole c’est la vie when things of that nature happen...


The most important aspect of the trip was by far the coffee and food. I think that I ate so much good food that I feel I will never reach that level of nirvana ever again. Not to mention the fruits! There were a multitude of fruits I never have had and some of them even look extraterrestrial. Though we all know looks can be deceiving.


Perhaps the most iconic and culturally shocking aspect was the coffee. There was so much good coffee and the diversity its flavors were tantalizing. Part of our trip was learning how to assess coffee and derive certain flavors out of it. I learned that coffee has more flavor profiles than almost any other food or drink! Did you know that? So in short, it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I would say that if you have the chance to go on Global Seminar -- TAKE IT! Gerty approved! 


In terms of future adventures that are happening here at SNC is the Scotland trip this summer and then next winter there will be a trip to Rome. I believe the Scotland trip is closed but you can always try to wedge your way in (wink, wink). However, the Rome trip is getting more information  out sometime soon so you may want to keep an eye on that. Don’t miss it! It is worth it!  And don't worry, there are many different ways to make a trip like this work! 


Best wishes & happy travels!




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February 28, 2020

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