The Honors Council is in the planning stages for Life Raft! 2019! Here are the details:


When: Monday, Nov. 12th @ 7:00 p.m.

Where: TBD

What: "An apocalyptic-type of disaster has destroyed the world's infrastructure and wiped out nearly the entire human race. Only you, St. Norbert College Honors students, by some stroke of luck, have survived. However, where you are is dangerous and you need to leave. Fast. There's a body of water between the survivors and a safe location to rebuild society from scratch. A life raft containing everything you need to survive the initial rebuilding stages (no questions, please) waits for you on the banks on the Fox River; an abundant food supply for the journey and after, means to find water, and adequate temporary shelter. But the students are not alone. There are several other survivors, members of the St. Norbert College faculty, but there's only one spot left on the life raft. These faculty members make the case for why their area of study will be the most valuable asset in the rebuilding and continuation of a new society. Remember: students have the means of surviving, the question is which discipline’s contribution will rebuild society to be what it once was, or even better than it was before."

2018 "Hopefuls"

2018 Life Raft! Champion

2019 Devil's Advocate

The Honors Student Council

Executive Board

2018 - 19

Hannah Reinke '19
Vice President
Sophia Larsen '19
Senior Class Representative
Aidan Collins '20
Miriam Lyons '20
Emily Minton '20
Junior Class Representative
Savi Chahal '21
Sophomore Class Representative
Ruthie Tucker '22
First-year Class
Kelsey Nowack '22
First-year Class
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